Are you worried about your possessions getting damaged during the move?

When you spend so much time organising, wrapping and packing your possessions, stock or equipment that you’re moving, it’s important that you can trust that the boxes you use will keep your items dry, safe and sound. 

It’s a common sight to see university students, sad-looking office workers and hectic mums using cardboard boxes to move their items from A to B. However cardboard is susceptible to tearing and crumbling when the load is too heavy or if the box becomes damp. Furthermore, their flimsy structure means that they are not easily stackable and are more likely to topple.

Plastic crates are much more rigid and can be stacked without squashing the items below, keeping your items organised and protected from the weather or leaks. 

If you currently use cardboard boxes to pack, store and move your items, perhaps you should consider a plastic alternative? Visit our shop for further details.